Pests can be a nuisance in your business or home. Some vermin such as rodents can nibble on important documents and clothes. Additionally, they can eat uncovered food exposing you to the risk of contracting diseases. Farmers also suffer losses when rodents chew on their plants. You might also lose the beauty of your garden when the vermin destroy plants and when insects such as termites build big mounds. Most importantly, rodents might attract dangerous animals such as snakes to your home as they feed on them. Given the problems that come with pests, you need to control them. Here are different methods of controlling them.


There are physical methods that are common. They involve setting traps and baiting the pests and later kill them. However, this is only useful for small animals. There are also advanced biological methods. Here, a predator that feeds on the pest is released. This aompproach is mostly used in agriculture to control pest populations that are low in flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Chemicals come in handy in eliminating vermin. They are very effective and kill the pests in a few hours. However, you need to know what chemical is ideal for killing each pest. That will help you get rid of the pest first and you also save money. At the same time, some chemicals can be toxic and you need to know how to use them. Hence, it is advisable to contact Lake Norman Pest Control for help.


Exterminators have enough skill to eliminate even the most stubborn pests. They come over for an inspection and assess the level of the pest population. If the pests are few, then they can use simple methods such as trapping. If the pest population is high, they use chemicals. They understand how to administer the doses accordingly. They also have the right equipment for the job. Remember that chemicals can cause injury to the skin and inhalation system. Good experts should be dressed in overalls, glove and boots, as well as, face masks to protect their bodies. More facts about pest control at


To find the best exterminators, contact a friend who might have had a pest problem in the past. That can help you get recommended to reliable exterminators. Also, do research online. Find out the companies here that are available within your area because you always want to get rid of pests fast before they multiply and cause more damage. You can contact a few of them and inquire about their services so that you can make an informed decision.